What Sanjay & Team Can Do As Your Business & Life Coach

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How to take back the control of your business?

As mentioned above, YOU must control your business and not the other way round. How do you achieve that? How do you take back control of your business?

Most of the challenges surface because you have never faced those challenges before as an entrepreneur. You’re not a serial entrepreneur, are you? I’m saying this because if you are a serial entrepreneur, just the fact that you’re calling yourself a serial entrepreneur means that you have got a line-up of successful businesses. No. The only business that you have is the business that you are currently running. Hence, every challenge is a new challenge for you.

Although, you know that hiccups occur, in most of the cases you don’t know what is causing those hiccups or exactly at what juncture they begin to manifest. If there is a gap between strategy, vision and implementation, you may not know why that gap exists. In case there are pitfalls, you don’t know when you’re going to fall into those pitfalls. If the various departments or the various processes of your business don’t communicate with each other clearly, you have no idea why the complication channel is breaking.

This is where a business coach can help you.

A business coach is someone who himself or herself has gone through the problems you are currently facing, probably multiple times.

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